Supercar Rain Parking

Supercar Rain Parking game description:Try your skills and your luck in this new raining parking challenge where you have to park different cars in 10 levels and 20 parking spots. This parking game require serious skills so try to see if you can manage to finish it. Unlock new super cars and new levels, park your car fast and don't crush it too much. Use arrow keys to steer and drive the cars and, use your Space bar to handbrake the cars and make them slide to be able to park the car easily. Have fun and be the best driver in the game! Good luck and have fun! Controls: Use arrow keys to control the cars. Use space to hand brake the car. Use mouse to navigate the game.
Supercar Rain Parking stats:
total views:42854
month views:7970
today views:7808
upload time:2014-10-09
rate person:3350
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