Monster Truck Jungle Challenge

Monster Truck Jungle Challenge game description:Your mission is to explore the forest behind the wheel of an offroad truck. The road is full of rocks, boxes, trees, bombs and mines. Be careful to get to the finish without damage the truck to much. Smashing boxes will slow you down. Use your canon and shoot all the obstacles. Collect ammo and life bar on your way to fix your car and make it in 8 insane levels. The brown bomb will kill you if you step on it so shoot it from far away. The flying mine will take some of your life so tray to shoot them in order to survive. Win the levels and unlock the other 2 offroad trucks. Have a blast!
Controls: Use arrow keys to drive and balance. Press Space to jump over obstacles. Press W to move canon up. Press S to bring it down. Use D to fire
Monster Truck Jungle Challenge stats:
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upload time:2014-04-23
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