Frozen Pool Party Decoration

Frozen Pool Party Decoration game description:Elsa who possesses cryokinetic powers leaves the palace and lives somewhere in the forest. Anna the younger sister of Elsa is somehow finds the place of Elsa. The smart Anna convinces her sister and both of them are coming to Arendelle. She has informed the servants to get ready for a grand celebration. The party is going to take place in the pool which is in the premise of the palace. The servants will take care of cleaning the place. Your assistance is very much needed for the celebration. Anna has asked a favour of you. That is nothing but decorating the pool. She assumes you are very aesthetic. Have a look at the place before adorning it. Leave the princesses in wonder with your magical touch and creativity. The people are waiting to see the graceful face of Elsa. The joy of the people cannot be measured. Join the pool party. Thank you.
Frozen Pool Party Decoration stats:
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month views:8685
today views:8472
upload time:2015-06-05
rate person:589
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