Fire Race

Fire Race game description:Some people find it hard to drive their car on snow, others in the rain or fog but you master your car in all of those environments. If you think you tried it all its time to race your car through molten volcano lava, and drift on sizzling asphalt. Drive in this difficult environment with depleted oxygen and fires all around and make your way through clouds of ash and toxic smoke. Its only the best that can drive through such conditions and make it first in the race. All your competitors are well versed and its defenetly going to be a tight race. Think you have the steel nerves needed to drive your car under the pressure off volcanoes erupting near the road and the constant risk of being cremated alive? If you are the tipe that does not back down easily than this fearless race is for you but get ready to push your reflexes to the limit and beyond.
Fire Race stats:
total views:22091
month views:3938
today views:3889
upload time:2014-08-09
rate person:1166
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