Dusk Till Dawn Racing

Dusk Till Dawn Racing game description:Be the best professional driver and enroll yourself into this competition. Choose the car that suits you perfectly. Starting with a TK-Nissan-Silvia, after you raise enough money you can unlock and buy other cars. You can choose between a Nissan-GTR-Ben-Sopra and a Ford Mustang Modified. Cut curves at high speed in this intense 8 level circuit game and manage to get to the finish line first so that you can win the biggest amount of money. Finishing second or third also brings you money but not that much. If you finish the fourth you will have to restart the level. With the amount of money you have raised you can also improve your car, buying more powerful engines and tires. Try your best and have fun!
Controls: Use arrow keys to drive. Space to handbrake
Dusk Till Dawn Racing stats:
total views:32650
month views:7631
today views:7486
upload time:2015-02-24
rate person:174
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