Draculaura Hand Doctor

Draculaura Hand Doctor game description:Draculaura was cooking dinner when she accidentally bumped into a hot pan while reaching for some spices. The pan smacked her in the forearm and left her with a very painful burn. Draculaura doesn't want to have a nasty burn on her arm, so she's going to the doctor so that he can give her the medical attention she needs. There is a lot of work to the done, so the doctor has asked you to help treat Draculaura's burn. Follow the doctor's orders and use the tools provided to give Draculaura the proper first aid for a burn in this fun online doctor game for girls!
Draculaura Hand Doctor stats:
total views:27877
month views:3491
today views:3434
upload time:2014-09-08
rate person:1571
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