Dark Roads Bike

Dark Roads Bike game description:In Dark Roads Bike games you will play a classic bike sepia game on night time. Use CTRL to change and adjust the beam to see longer. You can even shoot of the light leaving you in the dark. Play with the long beam to be able to react at high speeds. Speed up and jump over obstacles, use space bar to balance your bike over them. Try to avoid the bombs on your way and if you hit them balance yourself while you 're in the air to land safe on the ground. There are 20 amazing levels each level it's harder them the last one. So master your driving skills in first 4 levels because it will get so hard lately in the game. Have patience especially with the bombs and prove you are the best dirt biker online. And enjoy the game!
Control: Use arrow keys to steer and balance bike. Press CTRL to adjust the light beam And press Space to make the bike jump over
Dark Roads Bike stats:
total views:39421
month views:7653
today views:7435
upload time:2014-10-23
rate person:1487
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