Baby Hazel Birthday Surprise

Baby Hazel Birthday Surprise game description:Wow! Baby Hazel is in a playful mood and is busy pampering her pets, Katy & Bunny. Baby Hazel gets reminder call on mobile of her friend Akito's birthday. Oops! Little Hazel almost forgot it. She plans has a good plan for Akito's birthday. She asks her other friends to help in setting perfect Surprise Birthday Party for buddy Akito. Let's see what Baby Hazel does for her best friend's birthday bash. Help her and her friends in preparing for the same. Keep an eye on their needs. Hush! It's surprise party.
Baby Hazel Birthday Surprise stats:
total views:56554
month views:4897
today views:4767
upload time:2014-04-25
rate person:2656
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