Baby Ariel Doll House Cleaning

Baby Ariel Doll House Cleaning game description:Baby Ariel is a cute girl who resides adjacent to your abode. The grand celebration Easter is approaching close by. As of now, no one is at home. Baby Ariel is home alone. She presumes, She can manage all the house chores all alone, How confident she is. But we cannot just abandon the kid. She needs your help. Take care of the girl until her parents arrive. Help the girl clean the doll house. Drag all the unwanted items and place them in the dustbin. Replace things where they should be. The parents of Barbie would be grateful to you, forever.
Baby Ariel Doll House Cleaning stats:
total views:36914
month views:5271
today views:5186
upload time:2014-06-06
rate person:994
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